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Genre: Electronic
Performer: L.T.J. Bukem
Title: Music (Happy Raw) / Enchanted
Style: Drum n Bass, Jungle
Date of release: 1993
Country: UK
MP3 album size: 1960 mb
FLAC album size: 1860 mb
Digital formats: MIDI MP4 DTS APE FLAC XM VQF

Music (Original 12" Mix).

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Music (Happy Raw), Enchanted ‎(12", Whi). Good Looking Records. Those atmospheric chords, I just can't get enough of early good looking records. I have no idea why bukem doesn't look to do a one off set of the early releases. This stuff just has new releases on toast. It's so raw and fills you with real emotion.

Music (Happy Raw), Enchanted. Sample appears at 0:00 (and throughout). Other songs sampled in LTJ Bukem's Music (Happy Raw): Hot Pants (Bonus Beats) by Bobby Byrd (1987). Break 4 Love by Raze (1987).

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Music (Happy Raw)


Category Artist Title (Format) Label Category Country Year
GLR 004 L.T.J. Bukem* Music (Happy Raw) / Enchanted ‎(12", Whi) Good Looking Records GLR 004 UK 1993
GLR. 04 L.T.J. Bukem* Music (Happy Raw) / Enchanted ‎(12", W/Lbl, Pin) Good Looking Records GLR. 04 UK 1993
GLR 004 L.T.J. Bukem* Music (Happy Raw) / Enchanted ‎(12", Yel) Good Looking Records GLR 004 UK 1993
GLR 004 LTJ Bukem Music ‎(12", W/Lbl) Good Looking Records GLR 004 UK 1993
GLR004 LTJ Bukem Music / Enchanted ‎(12", RP) Good Looking Records GLR004 UK 2000
GLR004 LTJ Bukem Music / Enchanted ‎(12", RP, W/Lbl, Sti) Good Looking Records GLR004 UK 2002
GLRM 004 L.T.J. Bukem* Music (Happy Raw) / Enchanted ‎(12", RM, TP) Good Looking Records GLRM 004 UK 2009
GLRM 003 L.T.J. Bukem* Music (Happy Raw) / Enchanted ‎(12", RM, TP) Good Looking Records GLRM 003 UK 2009
GLRM003 LTJ Bukem Music / Enchanted ‎(12", RM) Good Looking Records GLRM003 UK 2009
GLRM003DVS LTJ Bukem Music / Enchanted ‎(2xFile, WAV) Good Looking Records GLRM003DVS UK 2013
GLR 004 L.T.J. Bukem* Music (Happy Raw) / Enchanted ‎(12", RP, Yel) Good Looking Records GLR 004 UK Unknown

Comments to album L.T.J. Bukem - Music (Happy Raw) / Enchanted
"I Need A Girl In The Morning, I Need A Girl In The Evening Too"...Ratty And MC Mad P The Edge...(Enchanted)
Music ... Talk about seminal. Man, that tune kicked off and ended a thousand sets up and down the land in 93. It was so different then, so fresh and absorbing. We would stand behind the bike sheds at school passing around headphones plugged into someone's walkman with cassette of a set with this on. We'd all wait, looking at each other with eager smiles and baited breath, for the drop and go mental. It's got to be in the top 3 greatest of all time lists has it not?
dat drop on 4:30... siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiickat least 10 words must be entered for this beautiful mind-blowing release
Enchanted... Those atmospheric chords, I just can't get enough of early good looking records. I have no idea why bukem doesn't look to do a one off set of the early releases.This stuff just has new releases on toast. It's so raw and fills you with real emotion. No clever fx plug ins, no clever stem mastering just pure melodic creativity.
Quite rightly music gets the props here but Enchanted is also an incredible track in it's own right. Beautiful almost haunting vocal melodies, uplifting deep and dreamy vibes, watery sounds, driving breaks and a driving bassline. Always constantly building throughout in the way that Bukem masterfully does. Top drawer stuff from an incredible label. Given the quality of these tracks the release should be worth a lot more IMHO. Buy it while it's relatively cheap :)
Ya Man tape classic - do homework and you will find that this dropped months and months and months on that tape
U can't get tunes produced like this bing up bukem . Ya not in sw12 any more bro lol
interactive man
One of my biggest mistakes was selling all my 1990s jungle/d&b vinyl about 10 years ago. Needless to say, there were plenty of classics in amongst that lot, and it's not been easy to find them all again, since I started rebuilding my vinyl collection a few years ago, especially at recent prices. Admittedly, most weren't in great shape (I used to DJ quite a lot until about 2007), but that's not the point. Why did I do it? :( Actually, looking back, it's not surprising that I got fed up of moving 1000s of records around - I must have had 15 addresses all over the country between 1999 and 2007 (seven in London alone!) and it was definitely taking its toll.However, as a (beer?) advert once stated, good things come to those who wait - so I've just picked up a copy of this in a local record shop for under £10, and in at least VG+ condition as well! Clearly not an ex-DJ copy, that's for sure!Needless to say, unless something drastic happens again in my life, this masterpiece will NEVER leave my worldly shelves again. Let's hope that Satan likes jungle/d&b! lol :)
Unless you was there at the time of release of tracks like this, then you'll never understand the significance of such vinyl.A work of art...for those that know.
Yes, all of the above...Like listening to Rock and roll in the '50's or the Beatles just after...game changing stuff...so glad I was involved.
Totally agree , L t j 's style along with many dj's and producers ,helped the genre evolve and mature nicely, 1992 / 1993 a 19/20 year old being fed 100s of Quality New Fresh material for his ears each and every month ,both at home and on the Circuit around the Midlands England / West Country and South Wales . listen to these >>>>> Poltergeist (5) ‎– Sticky Fingers EP >>> Roger Johnson ‎– One On One / The Drum 'N' The Bass Shouts out tonight goes to Laura,M.C Hi Fi Doccy Scott and all West Midland's Coventry folk ..Bring back The Eclipse club : ) ,
I picked up some classic GLR stock (including this) in Promo sleeves from HMV at the end of '96 / early '97. Anyone know about these, whether they were original overstocks of first press or simply repress?
Ah right thanks. It might be worth me making sure there is a separate listing if I ever come to sell.
They are represses, they did a lot of them. I remember going to a record shop in 96/7 and they had about 10 different releases. They are done from the same metalwork though so will sound exactly the same. Easiest way to tell, most of the originals are pressed on really flimsy thin vinyl.
This tune gets me every time. As with previous comments, this was played all over the place, by everyone back in 93, and into 94 I have so many mix tapes, and went to so many events where it was mixed into everything that was in the realm of dnb/jungle and late hardcore (before 4 beat) at the time. Love it when it builds to the break at 7:32, with minimal bongos and haunted vocals, the comes back in again, just awesome.
1993,high as hell on extacy . the end.
Total classic, a very different sound at the time. Goes on for freakin ever. That tune would put you in a trance.
arguably my fav d&b track ever . when that bass drops it still hits hard . stunning
Well, to Mr Karhore, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but i think your comments are unfair, it may be boring or belong in the ashtray for you, but for some, the particular sound that resonates in 'Music' is very special, i was born in 86, so missed the early dance scene, my time was around the millennium, but this is kind of early 90's sound is intelligent & it certainly stirs a warm feeling! Modern post 2000 Amen jungle is just all to common! ...The sounds from the time of GLR etc. Has soul & depth, it take's you on a journey, as it should do. Some Amen jungle is all well & good, its rolling but really, if you take it apart, its just thrashing amens! Which just gets boring! Also, have a bit of respect for where the sounds you listen to today root from Bro!
Flowing nicely Yes Mate......and this tune >>>> Nasty Habits - Let's Go (original)
I wouldn't worry about MR Karhore i think he is a very young kid with a big attitude problem and is extremely rude person ! He really just needs to grow up ..
net rider
Less a review, more a little trivia...This original 12" version drops the drums out in the fade, whereas later compilations either fade early or don't conclude the track the same way despite being the same length (roughly), it just keeps going and fades out which isn't really a conclusion at all. The most recent vinyl version is like the compilation versions.
Both are too incredible to describe. "Enchanted" has a emotional feeling,i cant really talk about it,its too strong... Music is a classic which will never be forgotten by those who know it
A definite opinion splitter, even back then. Whilst I agree that Bukem began to become too insular as the scene began to fragment, (some of his bland post '93/'94 output certainly fits the accusations some have made here), the man was making tunes played by ALL the DJs on the scene at the time when 'Music' was released. Good Looking Records wasn't a 'sound' on it's own back then either; every (and i mean EVERY) DJ played his tracks in '93, regardless of their particular 'style'. This certainly isn't his best 12" ('Atlantis' or '19.5' get that award), but even then it is still leagues ahead of most of the sounds that flooded junglist ears at the time. To quote a negative review below: "can't hear an amen break in there either to be honest." Sorry, but i hate this all too common line of thinking. Should a huge track such as this be instantly marked down because there is no tired old amen break in there?. Is there some kind of rule that there HAS to be an amen or it isn't classifiable as drum & bass/jungle/whatever? Those of us who have listened to this music from it's humble beginnings will remember when the amen was just one of MANY versatile breaks used within the scene, and not just the lazy producers crutch that it is today. If today's mausic makers began thinking outside the box like Bukem did back in '93, then perhaps the scene would come up with something fresh again....
Surprised to see the negative comments about this. If you were there at the time, this would destroy the floor at AWOL or Lazerdrome. It was totally different to the crazy Amen cut ups and Tom & Jerry Jungle that was typically played in the same sets. Although very simple, the Bassline was perfect for rocking out too, the track inspired a whole sub genre.
Anyone know about the etchings on this 12"?Oh yeah Btw krome and time not in this league brov nuff said
U would not know a decent edit if it smacked u clean into your boat race .....twit
why not,just cos they sound ruffneck,open your mind shane. Bukem pandered to preconceived ideas of musical taste which gullible idiots like you fall for,brother.
Sample is taken from Abstract Minds - Thoughts Of Mind. 1991
You have to remember that this tune was being played well before all the ruffneck jungle started. 1993 was all about the darkside and this track stood head and shoulders above most of everything else. The production quality for one and the fact it had the balls to make you stop and wait for the beat. It's hypnotic and in many ways started the trend towards what came to be known as drum n bass and even hardstep. I agree that "intelligent" drum n bass got a bit wet and wanky later on but the early stuff deserves recognition.
Intelligent is just bullshit. "Ambient" would be more easy. But i still consider this as a warmer jungle than Drum and bass...
yes !! someone talking sense!! I said the same thing and got an angry reply of 'that's the label it's been given so stick with it'. Well how about I call it drum and bass or jungle and you call it 'intelligent' then!Re: the record, both sides are very strong especially of course Music which was very fresh then and just seemed to stand out from the pack. The remix by peshay and bukem is also well worth checking out.
Really there should be no such style as intelligent. I like the good looking sound, I just hate the word intelligent to describe their music...is stuff from hype and ed rush unintelligent? It just sounds snobbish and stupid if anyone else understands where I'm coming from.
The monumental 'progressive'(ahem) d&b bores most monumentally unhappening record. For all the 'theory' that Bukem puked up surrounding his idea of d&b, his records remain about as important as last weeks x-factor contestant. That this record,and others like it,grew out of the jungle scene amazes me,its more like some poor techno version of eno's ambient techniques - the same thing over and over again,only without any of enos humour or avantgardism,trying to place awkward ideas of 'intelligence' and sophistication on a genre as ruffneck as jungle - what were they thinking??! I can handle about 30 seconds of this then its rippppppp! off the turntable and into the bin,or turn it into an ashtray.......give me hype or krome & time anyday of the week (as long as its not sunday morning.....ouch my head!).
I do think you've actually got it a bit wrong yourself. 1994 was already well into Jungle. 1992 tapes have the word Jungle all over them from MCs at the time that were already shortening 'Jungle Techno' down to just Jungle. Bukem himself also said words to the effect of 'if my music is intelligent, what is the other stuff? Unintelligent? It's all Jungle.' I do seem to remember him coming out slagging off ragga jungle in one interview, but he certainly backed off of the intelligent thing early on. Always makes me laugh when you see all the Bukemites in the BBC2 docco about Good Looking and the way they used to go on about how superior 'Intelligent' was, when there is more detail and thought in some of the Jump up of the time than the GLR stuff.
I prefer ruffneck jungle,I don't care what Hype likes (he could like Coldplay for all I care) - is this concept difficult for you??
breakbeat grew out of techno duds1, where else did it spring from?? HIP HOP X TECHNO = JUNGLE (via reggae).And no I don't feel the quality, all I feel is an advert for air freshner, or cappucino. Jungle my ass.
did someone leave your cage open?
techno? haha,thats how we detect someone who doesnt knows any s*** about the breakbeat scene at all... If you cant hear this,or at least feel the quality of this record which stands after so long time,i have some bad news for you...And you cant compare Eno stuff with this,its just a different dimension... His music didnt had drops,hypnotic work,no breaks,no speed...
"give me hype or krome & time anyday of the week (as long as its not sunday morning.....ouch my head!)."Sunday morning is the BEST time to listen to jungle....."oooh the noisy music makes my brain hurt"....pussyclart
krome and time of course! and I don't give a monkeys whether hype played it or not.laugh out as loud as you like.
Dead Samurai
nuffin,but I DO love the invisible mans release "on a mission"!! proper 'ardcore.
hey kardhore...check out "The Invisible Man - The Bell Tune" GLR006 that is a sic release any jungle dj would love that good looking release in there box. Surely out of all the releases they put out for the last 20 years there must be at least a small handful of tunes you like from them?
listen to your with your hifalutin language 'the evolution of music'!! Such language Bukem and his ilk use to elevate their MOR dross,and so what he was playing this stuff in '92 - that doesn't mean it didn't grow out of the jungle/hardcore scene does it?? Bukem was a big name DJ on this scene! Its still dross!! Gerald,4 hero,steve Gurley and others make the GL crew look like the purveyors of elevator music that they are!!
What boundaries did he push? Certainly not the ones of 'good taste',as his music is so insipid and boring it could be played in dentists waiting rooms without alarming anybody. You show your own prejudices in your referral to jump up as 'cheesy,you probably like coldplay,goodbye.
You seem to have a personal problem with Bukem and I think that might be down to a little bit of misunderstanding on your part maybe or am i being a bit kind. I expect so. When you say you are surprised this sound grew out of Jungle it's clear that you are absolutely clueless, Bukem was playing his own sound BEFORE 1994/1995 it didn't grow out of jungle it was a parallel progress, the evolution of music. If you've got time on hands listen to 92/93 mixes by him, the selection was there already, maybe less pronounced but he always had a style of his own. Some people went dark. Carl Cox forgot about it altogether, Mickey Finn got into cheesy Jump up and Bukem stuck with it, and it was called intelligent. it's not particularly ruffneck and gunshots are few and far between thats true but Bukem deserves a great deal of credit for pushing the boundaries back then and running good looking records on his own terms. it's difficult for anyone to argue that Hype or Krome and Time (whilst decent contributers;(particularly Hype) in their own right) can be credited with as much vision as Bukem but it all boils down to opinion.
Music is not the best track from Bukem. "Atlantis" & "Demon's Theme" are examples of how deep and progressive Bukem can really get, and they were tracks that made jungle. However everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
I heard this played at Logical Progression last week and definitely stands the test of time. As for the idea that 'Music' does not fit in with 'a genre as ruffneck as jungle' is nonsense - on sets from 93/94 I heard this seamlessly mixed in, to give contrast with the more upfront tracks, by the likes of Hype and Randall. As for the 'progressive' or 'intelligent' tag, that was manufactured by the music press, the likes of Bukem and Fabio kept their distance from it. 'Music' is a gorgeous, rolling, hypnotic track that sucks you in; 10 minutes is never too long for me.
funny. beautifully put kardhore. it is a bit pompous..
although i agree the significance of this track is nothing short of monumental, i can't see a context this would be played in nowadays aside from clips of it in a trendy documentary or in a chill-out bar. at over ten minutes long, i find this kind of thing a bit self-indulgent to be honest. can't hear an amen break in there either to be honest.
This is a wonderful tune which like most of the tracks on the logical progression album has stood the test of time. I never tire of the swirling chiming riff which anchors the whole tune. Total class, time for a new remix anyone?
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