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VxBxDxDx / Pantsu Scum - Split mp3 flac download

Genre: Rock
Performer: VxBxDxDx
Title: Split
Style: Noisecore, Grindcore, Experimental
Date of release: 2017
MP3 album size: 1575 mb
FLAC album size: 1773 mb

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1 VxBxDxDx Everyone Who Listens To This Shit Is Gay 1:59
2 VxBxDxDx Emma Watson Is Gay 0:03
3 VxBxDxDx Dead Elf Corpse Fucker Nigger Lol Wigger Eager Iamerror Is Gay 2:33
4 VxBxDxDx VxBxDxDx Is Gay 0:04
5 VxBxDxDx And Also Talentless Faggot 0:02
6 VxBxDxDx Seth Putnam Is Gay(AxCx Cover) 0:03
7 VxBxDxDx Oi!Oi!Oi!Oi!Oi!Oi!Oi! 0:03
8 VxBxDxDx You Jerk Off To Boku No Pico 0:10
9 VxBxDxDx 死のメタルはゲイです 0:07
10 Pantsu Scum Yen Coins 0:02
11 Pantsu Scum VxBxDxDx Sounds Like He's Trying To Be Quiet In All Of His Tracks Like His Dad Will Yell At Him For Making Too Much Noise 0:06
12 Pantsu Scum Cherry Garcia Icecream 0:05
13 Pantsu Scum Whoever Doesn't Like K-On! Is A Fucking Faggot And Has Shit Taste And Is Also Gay 0:09
14 Pantsu Scum Mountain Dew On My Laptop Screen After Recording 0:05
15 Pantsu Scum I Think I Actually Got Denied From Immoral Basement For Sending A Really Shitty Rap Album 0:05
16 Pantsu Scum Getting Stabbed By A Loli 0:01
17 Pantsu Scum Calling Things Gay 0:01
18 Pantsu Scum The Stick Of Bamboo I've Been Using As A Drum Stick Is Very Broken And Made A Nice Dusting Of Dust And Splinters Allover My Bed 0:01
19 Pantsu Scum Lolis Eating Cherry Garcia Icecream 0:01
20 Pantsu Scum Watching Shows Meant For Little Girls Isn't Gay 0:16
21 Pantsu Scum Making A Hentai Website That Has Downloads But Every Download Is Just This Album And Pictures Of Fidget Spinners 0:08
22 Pantsu Scum マンコ 0:04
23 Pantsu Scum ふたなりチンポ 0:06
24 Pantsu Scum Having More Songs On The Split Is Cool 0:05
25 Pantsu Scum White Trash Lolis Huffing Loli Pee Soaked Confederate Flags 0:19
26 Pantsu Scum Being Gay Is Really Gay 0:02
27 Pantsu Scum Titles That Are A Disappointment To Both My Fans And My Parents 0:02
28 Pantsu Scum Galko-chan Is For Period Fetishists 0:02
29 Pantsu Scum Song About Loli Pee No.9001 0:03
30 Pantsu Scum Russian Loli Hackers That Don't Actually Exist 0:01
31 Pantsu Scum Lolis Chugging MTN Dew Mango Heat 0:01
32 Pantsu Scum I'm A Simple Man, Lolis And MTN Dew Is All I Need 0:01
33 Pantsu Scum Just kidding, I'm Really A 9 Year Old Girl 0:01
34 Pantsu Scum Drawing A Swastika In Cum On A Picture Of Your Waifu 0:07
35 Pantsu Scum A Futanari Fucking A Can 0:20
36 Pantsu Scum Lolis Fapping For Anubis To The Sims 2 Soundtrack 0:01
37 Pantsu Scum Going To North Korea So I Can Die In A Coma 0:01
38 Pantsu Scum LGBT Alabama 0:02
39 Pantsu Scum I Only Fuck Lolis That Have 'Make America Great Again' Tramp Stamps 0:13
40 Pantsu Scum Track Titles Are For Fags 0:05
41 Pantsu Scum Being Too Poor To Buy A Halloween Costume So I Joined The KKK To Get A Free Ghost One 0:07
42 Pantsu Scum Lolis Wetting The Bed 0:04
43 Pantsu Scum Moving To South Africa To Become A Farmer 0:13
44 Pantsu Scum Lolis With Israel Flag Nipple Pasties 0:03
45 Pantsu Scum Lol Ur Gay Haha xDDD Pwned xDDDDDD 0:02
46 Pantsu Scum Gejm Became A Trendy Trannie And Went Back To Making Lolicore (A Genre They Hate) So They Can Try To Be Relevant Again 0:01
47 Pantsu Scum Pantsu Scum Is A Stupid Name 0:00
48 Pantsu Scum Calling Japanese Hardcore Japcore 0:01
49 Pantsu Scum The Plotlines In Paprika Were So Fucking Forced 0:06
50 Pantsu Scum Moving To Thailand And Spending My Days Pulling Dogs Into The River And Drownign Them Because I'm Now Aquatic And Have An Underwater Home And Want It Covered In Dead Rotting Dog Carcasses So That Fish Will Come To Feed From It And I Can Learn Their Ways Then Hire Somebody To Wear An Evil Ninja Outfit To Pick Off Fish With Evil Ninja Stars But Only With One Fish Every Night Until They're All Horrified I Then Wear An Outfit Made Out Of The Dead Fish Hides And Shoot The Ninja In The Head Infront Of All The Fish And They All Cheer And Do Something Disgusting With Their Fins As Their Form Of Clapping And Thats How I Became Mermaid Man 0:04
51 Pantsu Scum Lolicon Free Jazz 0:11
52 Pantsu Scum The Way The People In Digimon Got In The Digimon World Is Retarded And Gay 0:06
53 Pantsu Scum Talking The Mtn Dew Execs Into Letting Me Make A Mtn Dew Factory In North Korea And All The Mtn Dew I Manufacture Is 88% North Korean Loli Pee And I Make A New Flavor Called "Reunification Rush" And Its A Hit And Mtn Dew Becomes Its Own Company And Becomes The Most Traded Stock In The Entire World Then North Korea Makes A Ton Of Money And Nukes The Whole Planet Lol 0:16
54 Pantsu Scum Becoming A Graverobber And Faking My Death By Putting Myself In A Zonbie State With Haitian Voodoo So I Can Wake In The Coffin To Stealthily Rob The Graves Frum Underground But Then I Just Suffocate To Death 0:03
55 Pantsu Scum Not Fixing Typos And Other Nefarious Deeds 0:05
56 Pantsu Scum Going To Brazil And Trekking Through The Rainforest To Find Uncontacted Tribes And Showing Them Lolicore, Hentai, And Memes But They Aren't Impressed And Chase Me Away And Then I Come Across These Military Dudes And They Catch Me And Throw Me In A Hole And Excel Is There And Also Some Old Masked Nigga And We Escape The Hole By Clicking Our Heels Three Times And Excel And We Escape The Jungle By Just Walking Down The Path Until It Suddenly Becomes Just A Neighborhood 0:02
57 Pantsu Scum A World Where The Little Girls Kidnap The Men 0:04
58 Pantsu Scum Excel Saga Went Really Downhill In The Second Half And It Should've Been A 10 - 12 Episode Show 0:04
59 Pantsu Scum The Forced Drama In Chobits Was Gay, The Show Should've Been 6 - 8 Episodes And Should've Been Strictly A Lighthearted RomCom With The Best Material Compacted Into The 6 - 8 Episodes 0:05
60 Pantsu Scum Going To Palestine And Converting A Bunch Of Lolis Into Soldiers Of Israel And Then Telling On Them So They Get Stoned To Death 0:01
61 Pantsu Scum On An Elevator Full Of Sweaty Lolis 0:02
62 Pantsu Scum Only A Total Gaylord Would Get A GF 0:04
63 Pantsu Scum Dedicating My Life To Become The Guy That Names Gatorade Flavors 0:02
64 Pantsu Scum Moving To Hong Kong And Starting An Investment Firm And Having Crazy Parties With Cocaine Addicted Chinese Investors And Fucking Tons Of Loli Prostitutes And One Night While Under Florescent Lights In A Tiled Room She Pulls Out A Knife That Had Really Sick Flames On It And Even A Skull With The Words "Bad To The Bone" Etched On The Blade And I Liked How Agressive She Was Being But She Started Stabbing Me So I Told Her "The Daiyou Islands Belong To China" Which Will Make Any Chinese Girl Love You So She Peed On My Wounds Just Made It Get Really Infected And I Got Hospitillazied For Two Weeks And She Visited Me Every Day And I Almost Died And My Investment Firm Wasn't Doing Well, So I Took All The Money And My Illegal Chinese Child Bride To New Mexico To Make An Adobe Building That Sells Only Claypots Then It Rains Really Hard And The Building Melts And My Wife Who I Call Sweet And Sour Pork Because Thats What Her Pussy Tastes Like Wants To Prostitute Herself So We Can Survive But I Say No So We Rob A McDonalds Of Milkshakes And Sell Them On Craigslist And We Try To Illegally Cross The Border But Trump Was Too Fast With Building The Wall And Thats Why I;m Officially Off The Trump Train 0:02
65 Pantsu Scum Going To Every State Getting The Same Exact Tattoo Of A Twinkie Until I'm Covered In The Same Exact Twinkie Tattoo And Then I Bleach My Hair Twinkie Colored And Call Myself Yung Twinkie And I Become A Soundcloud Rapper And Just Cough Over Stolen Trap Beats And Then People Say Soundcloud Will Die In 50 Days And I Have An Axiety Attack And Take It Out On A Box Of Dingdongs By Shooting Them 47 Times With A Shotgun Point Blank, The Police Show Up And I Get Arrested And Go To Jail And My Wardens Are The Super Bae Lolis From Persona 5 And The Mean One Falls In Love With Me And Breaks Me Out And We Move To Japan And Go To Bdsm Parties Every Night And I Field Record Them, Then One Day I Reverse One Of The Recordings And As Clear As Day Its Jeb Bush Saying "Australia Doesn't Exist, It Was Made Up By Britan, They Actually Drowned The Criminals" So My Wife And I Spend 7 Years Building A Ship That We Name Plank After My Waifu From Ed,Edd,And,Eddy And We Go To Where Australia Is And Hecking Heck Jeb Was Right, Australia Doens't Exist, Then Jeb Bush Floats Out Of The Water Sitting Indian Style And He's Floating In The Air With Water Continously Pouring From Him, His Eyes Are Closed And He Says "Its Time" And Third Eye Opens And He Begins Screaming One Long Mighty Scream And The Sea Turns To Blood And The Earth Flings Into The Sun And I Wake Up In A Blank World Thats All White And Jeb Is Standing Infront Of Me, He Smiles A Smirk And Winks While Turning Around And Walking Off, Fading Out Of Existence, I Can't Move, Tears Roll Down My Face, Suddenly I See A Shape, Its A Portal, I Struggle To Get Out, There's A Doctor Holding Me, He Hands Me To Someone While Saying "Here Is Your Baby Boy", I Look And The Man Holding Me Is Jeb Bush And I Scream 0:04
66 Pantsu Scum Becoming Alt-right And Wanting To Destory The Statue Of Liberty So I Sell Doodles Of Pepe I Made On Burger King Napkins On Etsy And Ride A Plane To New York And The Whole Plane Is Full Of Lolis And I'm Like Awesome And The Loli Flight Stewardess Gives Me Mountain Dew And The Lolis Sitting Beside Me Both Become Infatuated With Me And Thats Cool But I Really Wanted To Watch House Of Mouse Really Zoomed In And In Reverse On An Ipod So I Told Them "Thots Begone" So They Got Mad So Mad They Peed And One Had Diarrhea But The Shit Was Just Tons Of Wet Cement And It Made The Plane Too Heavy But It Was Ok Because We Were Already Here And I Went To Ellis Island Or Whatever It Is And Tried Burning Down The Statue Of Liberty Because I Though She Was Wearing Real Dress, But The Matches Did Nothing, A Vortex Opened And Five Yellow Wolves Came Out, Four Of Them Were Dead But The Live One Chased Me And I Jumped Into The Water And While Underwater Aquatic Spiderman Tried Fighting Me And I Defeated Him And I Latched Onto A Garbage Barge Like A Barnacle, I Stayed On The Side Of The Boat For 3 Weeks Taking Bites Out Of Seagulls And Dolphins As They Passed Me, It Landed In Africa And I Found A Junkyard Of Old Computers, I Joined The People There In Getting Information Out Of The Hardrives But I Was Only Finding Rage Comics And Thousands Of Essay About Making All Tires A Nice Dusty Mustard Yellow, I Got Kicked Out Of The Crew For Not Finding Good Stuff Like The Video Of Gavin McInnes Making A Fidget Spinner With The Rainbow Effect From Windows Movie Maker On It, So I Wandered Around Africa And Joined A Gang Of Poachers Who Were All Lolis And Were Fighting This Elephant And It Killed Me And I Woke Up And There Was The Quaker Oats Guy Putitng Me On A Slaveship And Me And The Other Salves To Be Were On The Ship And It Was Really Awful Then I Came To America And Stabbed A White Boy 0:01
67 Pantsu Scum A Loli With A Pegleg 0:02
68 Pantsu Scum Greek Yogurt Is Gross And Gay 0:02
69 Pantsu Scum Lol 69 Ha Ha 0:04
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